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Kusuka Kitchen Utensil Holder – Green & Blue

$32 USD

The Swahili word kusuka literally means “woven”, which encompasses this one of a kind product. Using a brand new weaving technique not shown on any other product, our artisans twist the kitenge to create a braided look, much like the braiding you see on local women here in Ngara. Use the playful Kusuka for storing eating utensils and napkins on your dining room table, or place a plastic bowl inside and make it into a planter.

Each basket is handcrafted with care by our rural artisan women in the Kagera Region of Tanzania. Using ugwafu and intamyi, our artisans intertwine local kitenge fabric with these local grasses to create one of a kind, quality creations for your home. 100% of the profits support rural, artisan women in this refugee impacted region of Africa.

Size: 15 x 18 cm

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