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Trivet “Pete” – Green & Blue, Small

$19 USD

Our trivet collection is a staple product line here at WomenCraft, and we have a hard time keeping them on the shelves. The Pete trivet, which means “ring” in Swahili, is named as such due to the ring of banana fiber encircling the interior. Multi-functional, our elegant trivets can be used on your dining room to hold hot dishes, or hung on the wall as elegant and striking decor.

Each trivet is handcrafted with care by our rural artisan women in the Kagera Region of Tanzania. Using ugwafu and intamyi, our artisans intertwine local kitenge fabric with these local grasses to create one of a kind, quality creations for your home. 100% of the profits support rural, artisan women in this refugee impacted region of Africa.

Size: 18 cm

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