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SHOP. and buy

Growing the market for WomenCraft products is probably the single most important part of our work – that’s why we work so hard to make such amazing products. So how can you be sure that we sustain the market?  Be a part of that market and shop WomenCraft!

Give WomenCraft gifts to:

  • Bosses/co-workers. They will appreciate that you are not only a great worker, but also socially concerned.
  • Teachers. They will enjoy receiving a unique product with a meaningful story. Maybe you will inspire them to bring East Africa into their classroom and introduce fair-trade concepts to the younger generation!
  • Family. A basket complimented with a card announcing that a literacy class or secondary school scholarship has been donated in his/her name is a perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift.
  • Neighbors. Deliver those Christmas cookies in a lovely basket that will enlighten them about social giving and how their gift basket makes a difference in the lives of women.
  • Children. Boys ~ What 3-13 year old boy wouldn’t enjoy a handled basket to store all of his dinosaurs, hot wheels cars or game pieces? Girls ~ What 3-90 year old girl wouldn’t enjoy a beautiful maua basket to stash her hair clips, beads and baubles?

GIFT. a product. a project.

Providing improvements in the communities in which our artisans work is another important objective of our work.  We  raise funds for Social Impact projects that bring about an improvement to their quality of life, such as learning to read and write.  Your contributions, via donation gifts, go a long way in providing for these efforts in our artisan communities, so give a donation gift today.


  • A literacy class, so that an artisan can learn to read and write
  • A soap-making class, to improve hygiene for the whole family
  • A small loan to offer another livelihood opportunity to groups
  • A secondary school scholarship
  • A goat, a cow, a chicken, for improved nutrition
  • A solar light for weaving and studying at night
  • A artisan production center and/or community well

TELL. everyone you know

To keep providing jobs, we need to sustain and grow the market for WomenCraft products.

Do you think we’re doing something needed? Something wonderful?

Then tell everyone you know! After all, you’re part of the story now too, so share it!

  • Become our fan on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and blog and pass it on.
  • Show off your WomenCraft basket during your dinner party or your child’s birthday party.
  • Or, tell Mama Rubagora’s story to one of your classmates.
  • Send the web address to friends and family.

 HOST. a sale

Looking for an excuse to get a bunch of friends together?  Just want to share the message of WomenCraft? Why not throw a WomenCraft party?  Organize your friends and family to learn about East Africa and the plight of refugees –and then share the stories of our artisans.  Set up a laptop for people to order, or contact us to have an inventory pack shipped to you just for the occasion.

We love giving YOU the opportunity to be the face and voice of WomenCraft in your own communities and homes. We love to see people opening their homes to spread the WomenCraft message to the people around them.

VOLUNTEER. your time

Share your skills. Exchange skills. Learn about social enterprise. fair trade. women’s development. rural Africa. refugee reintegration.

At WomenCraft, we are always looking for talented people that are interested in donating their time. We encourage you to contact us with an idea of how you would like to contribute to WomenCraft’s success.  Currently, we are looking for volunteers to help with local marketing, product design, among others. Please contact us at for current volunteering needs.

Become a Virtual Volunteer. Activate your network and help WomenCraft connect with more people, places and groups. It only takes a minute to do a little research, post a thoughtful message and let 200 friends know about something that’s important to you.