FEATURE COLLECTION – Burundian Refugee.

Responding to the ongoing refugee crisis in Burundi, we are partnering with UNHCR to create a distinctive new feature collection made by Burundian refugee artisans in the Mtendeli Camp in Northwest Tanzania. The refugee products are made from natural grasses found in and around the camp and the individual threads which make up the food ration bags delivered to the camp by the World Food Program. The collection combines traditional Burundian and Tanzanian weaving patterns and techniques with modern designs elaborated in collaboration with the artisans and an international product designer. 

Below are photos from our second round of product refinements. Please see our ‘Refugee’ page for more information on the Burundian refugee crisis and stories from the artisans’ lives in the Mtendeli refugee camp. Click here to view our video of the refugee collection!

SIGNATURE COLLECTIONS – Natural&Recycled. Monochrome. Kitenge.

In addition to our changing feature collection, we offer offer customers products from our three signature product collections.  The collections incorporate natural, indigenous materials to achieve beautiful and modern designs.

Our signature products are available in different designs, shapes and sizes. To find out more, see our selection of images for each collection below. For the full details on our various combinations of sizes and designs available for each product, please scroll down to the to the bottom of the page to see our order guide page.

To place an order or to get more information about our products, we would love to hear from you:


FIRST. Click on the “PRODUCT SHAPES AND SIZES” chart just below to decide which product shape and size you are interested in.

SECOND. return to the above collections images to choose the color you prefer for your product. Available colors are:

  • Natural & Recycled: “Brown Banana” or “White Gunia” 
  • Monochrome: “Black” or “Grey”
  • Kitenge: “Blue” or “Red”

THIRD. click on the “PRODUCT DESIGNS” chart further below to see which design would work best for your products. Each design section includes a list of which products are available in that specific design. NOTE: if you are interested in our Monochrome or Kitenge colors, the Pete design is available with and without the extra “Brown Banana” ring.

EXAMPLE ORDER. Finally, your decision could look something like this: 5 “Fruit Bowls” / “35cm” / “Blue Kitenge” colour / “Maua Design”